DMS Entertainment featuring Mike & Sid

We provide Live Entertainment, DJing and Karaoke all in one. A package you want for your celebration!!

A Little Bit of History of "DMS ENTERTAINMENT"

We have been playing around Northern Minnesota since 2009 and these past few years have been a blast. We have Karaoke, tons of DJing songs and we play guitars and keyboards. Experience is brought from PBS Specials, large concerts and being in the music business for years.

One of our biggest assets is entertaining the crowds and having a great time! There are no breaks just dancing, singing, playing and having a great time!

We're hoping we can see all of you in some of our upcoming events. Some events have been coming up very quickly so please check back often to see where we are at. 

We have been many large events to small venues and loving every minute of it!! Come out and see us!

Visit us on Facebook under DMS Entertainment. This is where you can see more photos and get up to date information.